There is something uplifting about being a triadic philosopher, aside from the fact that anyone can be one. The reason is that all its thoughts trend in the direction past philosophies called ontological and teleological.

These terms simply describe what matters and what may lie at the end of our journey. Triadic Philosophy concedes what people have always understood, that we are the beginning and the end. As far as we know.

The divine or the force or the word we venerate is the one we access by seeking and asking. We communicate by inner means. What is out there is in here.

Spirituality is us.


This is the concluding Part of a consideration of the fate of the Dreamers, something to be decided within weeks. In the first article, we determined we are basically willing to make a bad deal if it saves the Dreamers. That could mean a presidential pardon which would enable a clear path to citizenship.

Since the president has let it slip that a pardon could be done, there is every reason to hold him to it as part of our bad deal.

Ethics, then …

After we submit things to the ethical index of tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy, we then move to the aesthetic outcome. That is, what we will say and do as the result of our consideration. This is how we demonstrate the way that spirituality results in measurable events no less real than everything else.

The triadic philosopher repeats the following terms to herself in arriving at the aesthetic conclusion: freedom, love, and justice. I have written articles on each of these terms and they can be accessed in my archive at Blasting News.

Other phrases relevant to the aesthetic conclusion include “Beauty is truth, Truth Beauty” from Keats and the term “non-idolatry.” When one is about to commune with oneself or whoever one communes with, it helps to have a reminder that we are to worship nothing on the planet. We are to reserve our allegiance for what matters most.

In the case of Triadic Philosophy what matters most are the values and terms used in this exercise.


What to do? Here is what comes to me. Insist Trump pardon the Dreamers. Take the initiative in unison. Call it a bad deal that is worth taking. If Trump will not pardon the Dreamers, it will be on his head since he offered that as a possibility. It might be the occasion for another shutdown.

The bad items of the deal may well be defeated over time. We should make the best of a bad situation and say the lives of Dreamers are well worth any deal. It is ransom and at the end of the day, we know who was demanding it and can rid ourselves of him at the polls.