It is rare that Triadic Philosophy makes what many would regard as a binary observation, taking one side of a heated dispute. Such conflicts are destructive and ultimately solve nothing. Sadly I must argue that this is a triadic issue. If something cannot stand against the three universal values of triadic philosophy, it is more than likely an evil that cannot be tolerated. Such are the machinations of FOX News and the GOP as they seek to defame the FBI and discredit the Mueller investigation. The hashtag #FOXcoupFAILS is a sad but accurate hope to express as FOX, and the GOP in the House join the President in what is crossing a line from democracy to despotism.

If and when such utterances result in the arrest and incarceration of those of us who utter them, you will know that Trump was not a Constitutional president but always a wannabe dictator. If Mueller should step out and give Trump a clean bill of health, there will be nothing to worry about. I will happily say that all the sound and fury signified nothing. What I will not be drawn into is a binary conflict. What FOX has done is described in the two AXIOS dispatches that have just arrived. The first will bring you up to speed on the despicable FOX story.

The FOX part of this

The first story shows how the Trump machine is seeking to disgust people with the Russia investigation so that it will essentially win a political battle to trivialize the whole matter.

Give this a read if you want to be brought up to speed on the tactics of Trump and company.

Why Russia matters

The second piece offers nine reasons why the Russia matter is important and can, with intelligent backing from Americans who care, be the basis for a successful investigation that will either clear or not clear the president.

AXIOS reminds us that Trump and Manafort weakened the GOP anti-Russia plank on Ukraine. Trump shared "highly classified" matters with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador. The Trump campaign held a Trump Tower meetings aimed at besmirching Hillary Clinton with dirt Russia would provide. Trump aided Don Jr. in creating a "misleading" account of the Hillary meeting.

Trump contradicted his staff and revealed he fired Comey because of Russia.

What we know

There is more. Mike Flynn talked sanctions with the Russian ambassador, denied it to Pence, and lied to the FBI. He received payments from Russia. Kushner talked to the Russian ambassador setting up a secret channel to Moscow.Sessions spoke twice to the Russian ambassador. He failed to disclose it when he was confirmed. The GOP was happy with Mueller initially.

Coverup, obstruction, collusion, and perjury are all on the table.

If Trump gets away with this FOX trashing ploy, the doors on democracy will be closed. That is not tolerable.