Donald Trump cannot turn TIME backward. The president can not stall the slow, sure march of time. His time in the White House may depend on how soon he understands these clear warnings.

There is a new sense of things political. Trump keeps trying to deny what he has done. But because the public now sees him as both a liar and a racist, he is now faced with a choice.

The choice Trump now confronts is between going forward or remaining stalled in a futile effort to turn back the clock. Whether we are talking about reviving yesterday's industries, or going back to a time when Jim Crow was rampant and the KKK was a large membership organization found in the North as well as the South, he loses.

He loses because he cannot defeat Father Time.


For all practical purposes, reality unfolds and the direction is forward. There is tomorrow, next week and there is next year. Trump has already been made aware that his fate could be in the hands of a Democratic House of Representatives come the next election.

It may be that the president lives in the moment, unable to concentrate on anything very long, restless and ever alert to what he must do. Yes, that may indeed be the case. Never before have we had a president who kept his schedule secret because there were large holes in it. There is one hole for golf dates and another for extended TV and tweet time, and maybe some left over for a daily event.

But the clock keeps ticking and the zeitgeist (that real direction of things that keeps changing as time unfolds) keeps gnawing away at Trump's tenuous hold on his office. It is getting to the point where the two sides of the binary he-he debate are approaching absurdity. As the men tell differing stories, the silent Senator Graham who says he heard, and who responded directly to, the president's racist remark, will have to fess up.


Perhaps he is reiterating the truth as I write. Perhaps he will wait until this holiday is over. But I have little doubt that there is a John McCain whispering in his ear telling him to do the right thing.

Yes, it has come to this. A he-he debate among grown men who have been elected to what was once the world's most august body.

Senator Graham finds himself in a position to say something that could give the tiny push needed to send Trump down the mountain he is desperately seeking to climb. Graham could blow his colleague Republicans out of the water.

But the clock has not stopped. Things are happening as we speak. This story is hanging fire and one can only hope that Senator Graham will wake from his recent Trump bromance and realize that he has already ruined it. Why not keep speaking out?