Kim Kardashian has yet again become the center of media attention with her latest scandal. Kim posted a picture of herself with cornrows, and a white wet top with a white thong along with the caption "Bo Derek Braids." It seems that Kim hasn't been informed that Bo Derek did not create cornrows. This is yet another example of the Kardashian's insensitivity towards other cultures. African American women have been wearing cornrows for as long as time goes back. But I guess this was not well-known information to the Kardashian's.

Kim is insensitive to African American culture

Kim has insulted the African American culture by not giving credit where credit is due, Bo Derek did not invent cornrows, yet this is the second time that Kim has given the credit to Bo Derek for the hairstyle. About five years ago Kim posted a similar picture of herself with husband Kanye, with the same braids, and same content, "Bo Derek Braids."

This isn't just about white women flaunting African American hairstyles, it's about the insensitivity towards the culture and the work it took for these women to be able to wear these hairstyles themselves without being ridiculed. For women like Kim Kardashian to flaunt this style and not care about the backlash is yet another way that the Kardashians thrive on controversy for attention.

Even though they excessively apologize for their actions, they never cease to continue making posts and being insensitive to others.

Not just Kim Kardashian

Not only has Kim done this, but Khloe as well, with her "boxer braids" which are also styles used by African American Women. She has received backlash as well. But I guess this isn't enough to stop the Kardashian's from being just as culturally insensitive as they were from the beginning.

Claiming to have learned from their mistakes, they continue to make posts and comments that are disrespectful to all other cultures and people. The Kardashian's continue to apologize and repent for their actions, despite the continuous disrespect that occurs.

Right before this issue, Kim was accused of doing "black face" in one of her photoshoots, where she claimed in a New York Times interview that she just had a little extra tan.

This of course, still outraged fans who claimed that she didn't realize how insensitive she was being yet again towards African Americans. She apologized, but I guess that didn't sink in as much as we thought because we were faced with this post soon after.