trump University represents the third strike but we have not put it up on the scoreboard yet. That is the enterprise he had to settle because it was fraudulent. When Trump adds "fraud" to his global rap sheet, it will spell his exit from the presidency.

That's a pretty big claim but consider. It took at least six months before a battered public began to perceive that there is a congenital liar in the White House. It took until last week for Trump to be tagged as a racist. He denies it but the proof has been acknowledged worldwide.

In fact, South Africa has today announced that it will lodge a formal diplomatic protest in the wake of Trump's unacceptable language regarding non-white residents of our planet.

So the first two strikes are liar and racist. And the clock is Ticking.


When fraudulent activity is brought up to date, Trump will be in roughly the position of the Wizard of Oz when he was exposed for being a phony and a fake. Those two terms, of course, are exactly what Trump uses to signal to the world that he is projecting his own faults on his enemies. Unfortunately for the president, his projections will come back to bite him.

Fraud will be applied most tellingly to his presidential victory. It will be placed in doubt by the clear possibility that Russian interference and collaboration of groups in the US like Cambridge Analytica assisted each other in the work of winning narrowly in swing states.

All it will take is the one word, fraud, to seal the deal against Trump.

When a conservative has to instruct us on fraudulent behavior, the prospects for Trump diminish.

Being two-faced is fraudulent. That Trump openly lies and is racist is a sign that anything goes and that he thinks he is god.


Fraud will join racism and lying as the third nail in Trump's political coffin. Underlying this will be the rampant hypocrisy involved when actions are given a double meaning. Gregory Bateson called this the double-bind. It creates a sort of national schizophrenia.

If you follow the link above you will see a textbook example of hypocrisy in action. You cannot be a light on a hill when you are breaking up families with night raids. The I in ICE should stand for intimidation.

Hypocrisy is the rug upon which lying, race hate and the fakery involved in things like Trump University stand. It is the stuff of national sickness. It is like a boil that must be lanced to begin reconstruction and renewal.