On the night that Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of The United States of America, a curious thing happened. Omarosa Manigault-Newman maneuvered her way past everyone on the stage and walked right up to The Donald as if she were marking her territory. Later she was given a position as a liaison between the president and African Americans. Many say her role was never defined and on Tuesday night she was abruptly let go from her position. There are many theories regarding why she was dismissed, but so far the truth has not been revealed.

Eventually, however, all the world will know what really took place.

Omarosa is no Michelle Obama

It is being alleged that Mrs. Manigault-Newman was dragged kicking and screaming from the White House, but she denies these claims. She has said that in time she will divulge all. Omarosa has elicited many responses from African Americans including CNN commentators April Ryan and Angela Rye who admit having problems with the reality show star. Rye went so far as to laugh and say into the TV camera, "Bye girl."

Ryan said she began getting texts at 6:00 am telling her that the former star of "The Apprentice" had to be forced to leave the White House and had lost her security clearance. Her role was never made clear at it seems that she was resented by a lot of people.

If reports are true, Manigault-Newman wanted to have direct access to the president and became angry when that access was denied. She allegedly was cursing as she was being removed from the premises and if true it is clear that she is no Michelle Obama who always carried herself with dignity.

Reasons why Omarosa was dismissed

Some have pointed out the irony of Omarosa, a black woman being kicked out of the white house as it was announced that 98% of African American women in Alabama voted for Doug Jones. Those who mention this believe racism played a factor. Angela Rye, however, believes Manigault-Newman simply had no place in the White House and did not do anything to bridge the gap between president Trump and black voters.

Initially, it was stated that Omarosa resigned in order to go back to the ministry and also spend more time with her husband. It has also been suggested that the liaison between the White House and African Americans had not done her job. Whatever the truth is, Mrs. Manigault-Newman has a story to tell and it sounds like racism has played a part in her firing. Until she comes clean however all anyone can do is speculate about what really happened to her during the past year, since Donald Trump was elected.