One of the most well known African-American supporters of Donald Trump has been Omarosa Manigault, who came to fame during her appearance on the president's old reality show "The Apprentice." After the news broke that Omarosa would no longer be working in the White House, the president decided to give his thoughts.

Trump on Omarosa

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump would routinely come under fire from critics for allegedly being racist against minorities, in particular African-Americans. While this is a narrative that still stands with many Americans, the billionaire real estate mogul did have some support from the African-American community.

From the early days of his campaign and through his inauguration as president, Trump has had Omarosa Manigault by his side as a voice of support from an African-American woman. Despite her recent loyalty, reports broke on Wednesday claiming that she got into a heated exchange at the White House, while also clashing with Chief of Staff John Kelly. Omarosa reportedly grew tired of how the president has handled issues pertaining to the African-American community, and was allegedly escorted out of the White House. In contrast, the United States Secret Service has pushed back against these allegations, leading to the president offering his brief thoughts during a December 13 tweet.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday night, Donald Trump ignored the drama and offered a "thank you" to Omarosa for her time serving in the administration over the last year.

"Thank you Omarosa for your service!" Trump tweeted, before adding, "I wish you continued success."

Twitter reacts

Following Donald Trump's tweet of thanks to Omarosa, those who oppose the administration fired back.

"She gonna serve you up like diet cokes and filet-o-fish. Do you *remember* Omarosa?" one tweet read.

"It’s a damned disgrace that she was EVER serving in the White House.

What were her qualifications, exactly???" another Twitter user wrote. "Crowd outside White House protesting ouster of Trump aide Omarosa Manigault dispersed by D.C. police. 'Neither of them had their hearts in it,' cop says," a tweet read with humor.

"Just what was her service?

And, what was/is her success? Well, you still have Uncle Ben!" an additional tweet wondered. "What success? You’ve now fired her 3 times! She’s not very smart to keep kissing the hand that holds her head under water!" a follow-up tweet stated.