I usually avoid lists though they are popular, but I am loaded for bear on trump's tax bill. I want it defeated and I believe the vast majority of Americans agree. If so, we should be able to make those GOP legislators in Washington wish they had never said yes to Donald Trump. My reasons are derived from a close inspection of the New York Times article embedded below. The article is great and the comments are pertinent. I have tried to convey their sense in fourteen sentences that complete this article. If you want the tax bill after you read this, be my guest.

I doubt there will be many takers.

The New York Times' take

I will not number the reasons which will start immediately below the embed. Each one is a single sentence. Enjoy and then take the sentences you like and turn them into messages in your own words and make the social networks resound with real anger. The president would foist upon us a bill that will kill healthcare and endanger all but the very rich.

If Trump wants us to send our no-itemized-deductions tax return on a postcard why doesn't he tell the corporations to do the same? We know that many millions of Americans will agree that we cannot afford this legislation, but we also know that the GOP will say that the only solution is to zap entitlements.

Oh, and the GOP is rushing this through because they are afraid too much attention will kill it -- and they are right.

A big con

The GOP is acting like a Trumpian con artist who promises a mint, and when you bite, leaves town before the flood of damage hits. When you have to ask who represents the people, the House of Representatives is a cruel joke.

The Republicans failed to kill ObamaCare with a nuclear option vote, so, in con mode, they snuck the repeal into this bill thinking we wouldn't notice. Taking healthcare from the deathly ill is not just a con, it's a crime against humanity.

Some random shots

Go ahead and pass this terrible bill and suffer the political consequences.

How about debtors' prisons for the hoi polloi and keeping bankruptcy for the Trumps of the world? The bill is garbage and the GOP must go, Ryan and McConnell in the lead. This isn't tax reform, it's caviar for the upper crust. The grifter in the West Wing should be impeached.

The GOP spent less time on this bill than a student spends thinking about homework. School budgets get more attention than this bill. If the GOP is incapable of shame they might at least consider the actual deaths they will cause by voting yes.