Can greed resist bad math and hoodwink the American people and guarantee GOP losses for years to come? It's not impossible. I just squeezed three column-length topics into one sentence. And the GOP Senators down in Washington are trying to squeeze a half a trillion dollars into an already deficit busting bill. That extra half-trillion kills the bill if it cannot be squeezed in. And it can't.

There's a curious phenomenon taking place. Just as the GOP is making believe they are a unified party, totally Trumpified, odd voices are surfacing and creating apoplexy with every word.

Let's take Marco Rubio.


Who has less to lose than this battered remnant of the trump Annihilation Machine? But Marco is now saying he will vote no if he does not get more money for kids. This is an exceptional gesture from any GOP legislator.

Did concern for kids leave the station when, when Teddy Kennedy died? When Hillary bit the dust? Strange things are setting us up for a final chapter in Trump's unbroken stream of legislative failures.

Situation report

If Marco Rubio can create a near-global headline by pondering the effect of the Tax legislation on children, do you not think, with it being Friday with a long weekend ahead, there might be other senators with qualms?

Might there not be a few jitters among GOP worthies? Do some wonder whether they should throw their lot in with a president whose approval rating recently hit its low of 32 percent?

Susan Collins has just spent a week suffering the slings and arrows of doing the Lindsey Trot -- my name for Lindsey Graham's indecorous flip to Trump cheerleading.

Who is to say that her psyche might not undergo reconversion?


There are at least ten GOP Senators who have reason to put their finger in the dike. Some will do it out of greed, seeking still more goodies from the trough Trump has built. Some might have a little conscience about the GOP becoming the party of debt. There might even be one or two who find it immoral to call a tax cut for the very wealthy a gift to the rest of us.

This weekend could be a huge wake-up call. It only takes three no votes to end it.


If I was a GOP Senator with a conscience and some ambition, I would think about Trump's odds of surviving. I would review his record so far. I would not be able to call it more than a wash. In other words, support for the bill is not a winner.

Then I would think about being the next person to declare reservations. I will be on the side of a huge national majority who despise the bill. Can I find a good reason to say no? 'Fraid so. The whole bill is filled with good reasons.