"Rick and Morty" is an extremely popular show among millennials right now. The show's dry humor and nihilistic outlook on life is something many young people find relatable and funny. When the popular show made a reference to McDonald's Szechuan Sauce, the company didn't hesitate to make their move.

Without naming the show at all or running into any legal problems, McDonald's managed to appeal to "Rick and Morty" fans by bringing back their Szechuan sauce. It ended in disaster. The already limited-edition sauce was brought back in even more limited numbers, and the fans went berserk.

All this proves to us is that some of the biggest "Rick and Morty" fans don't even understand the show.

What's so special about Szechuan sauce?

McDonald's Szechuan sauce was originally released as a limited-edition sauce when Disney released "Mulan." It's a teriyaki based dipping sauce and many people enjoyed it when it came out. In one episode of "Rick and Morty," Rick said that he went through so much trouble just to get more of the limited sauce. The sauce is only mentioned that one time and is never brought up again.

The sauce has no point. It's a nonsensical excuse for the trouble that Rick causes all the time. Rick is a scientist. He does hard work all the time, but for no reason. Nothing he does makes any sense, so why not have him do something for a sauce?

It's not important as the show focuses a lot on nihilism. The only reason that the Szechuan sauce was mentioned in "Rick and Morty" was to make fun of co-creator Justin Roiland and his love for the sauce.

Fans missed the point

When McDonald's seized this marketing opportunity, they only had one thing in mind: money. The business is dying and they're seen as the lowest of the low when it comes to fast food.

Using the "Rick and Morty" fanbase and appealing to them through advertisement styles gained them a lot of recognition.

The plan backfired, causing many problems for employees and fans. The fact that the plan was able to backfire in the first place proves that these fans don't understand the show at all. They just caused trouble for McDonald's employees.

Many "Rick and Morty" fans tend to "joke" that they only understand the humor in the show because of how smart they are, that the show wouldn't appeal to any average Joe. In causing such a fiasco over sauce from McDonald's, fans prove that they really don't grasp the concept of the show at all — living for yourself will always be destructive and selfish no matter your level of intelligence. They put workers through a lot of trouble over a packet of dipping sauce. If they truly understood the show, they never would have stooped so low in the first place.