It has been a constant bout of bad news for the 'Rick and Morty' fandom with the delay of the eagerly awaited episode 2 titled “Rickmancing the Stone.”

Now the episode has faced further delay. There has been no proper comeback of the third season of 'Rick and Morty' (except for the season pilot) from Adult Swim on the television. It was 2016 when the epic show aired on the screens, and Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon still have no fixed date on when the second episode of the third season will air, except for stating its further delay.

Although many reasons were given by both the producers of the show and the team of Adult Swim, the fans have been skeptical about the release of the second episode by mid-July as mentioned by the team.

Their skepticism has definitely manifested into a dark reality where the fandom has no choice but to achingly wait for more to witness the mayhem that awaits us just as much as we await it.

Rumors about the reason for the delay of the show clarified

Dan Harmon went on to clear up some of the atrocious rumors that have come up being the supposed reasons for the delay of the show. On Twitter, Harmon said, that he understands and is flattered over the outrage that the delay of the show has caused and that at a time like this, any kind or form of information about the future episodes is what the fans are looking for.

He further clarified that the truth behind the delay isn’t as dramatic as the fandom perceives it to be, and is in fact boring.

He said that the show, due to its nature requires the writers not to underthink or overthink it. He also went on to say that the reason they do not disclose the order of the episodes or when they are going to be aired is because that isn’t their business or under their jurisdiction. It is solely under the control of Adult Swim.

Harmon, Roiland and team’s work is to make sure the show is in order to be aired. The two matters are completely unrelated.

There was another rumor concerning a fight between the producers of the show which has led to its delay. Harmon cleared that up as well by tweeting that he is going to be self-destructively honest about the matter and that there has been no fight or misunderstanding of any sort between Justin Roiland and himself.

Furthermore, their tight friendship adds to the fact that it may ironically be the cause of the delay, and that the two are keen on keeping each other happy.

Updates from other sources

According to a report that has recently surfaced from Inverse, most episode titles from the third season of 'Rick and Morty' will have satirical references to famous movies, which might also, in a way, follow their plotlines. Also owing to the fact that this has been done before with respect to the movies like "Lawnmower Man," "Big Trouble" in "Little China" and "The Purge" to name a few.

A recent report from Pop Buzz mentioned specifically that the third season will pack 14 episodes, and that although it is known that the episodes are all written, the script is being fine tuned as the animation team does their job, in order to give us the best season we have witnessed yet.

While most of the fandom grows weary of the longing wait, it is firm on the fact that Roiland and Harmon will release the new episodes well before the end of this year.