"Fire Emblem Heroes" has been a huge success for Nintendo's Mobile Game industry. "Fire Emblem" fans of all ages can easily play this game and everyone enjoys it. Part of the game's success is due to the fact that Nintendo is constantly adding new events, characters, and updates for players to enjoy. Nintendo is rolling out some new spring events just in time for the new season.

Current events

For this week only, "Fire Emblem Heroes" has a new summoning focus, "Weapons to Refine" available for players to use. This summoning focus event ends on March 28, leaving room for the new spring update to take charge.

However, if you really need something from the focus, now is a good time to use it. Otherwise, you would be better off waiting for the spring event to launch.

Only a few select characters are available for this summoning focus. You can use Leo, a Nohrian prince featured in "Fire Emblem Fates," Erika, Princess of Renais from "Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stone," or Soren, a military officer from "Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance." If you've been waiting to gain something from these characters, now is the time to take advantage of the summoning focus before it's over.

Upcoming spring and Easter events

Nintendo is launching the "Fire Emblem Heroes" spring and Easter event on March 22. This new event will last all the way until April 23, giving all players a chance to take part in the "Hares at the Fair" event.

The event will start at different times for players in different countries and time zones, but everyone can expect to have access to the event by March 23.

The event will include springtime bunny costumes for four of the heroes. Alfonse and Sharena will be receiving these costumes for the event, as well as Catria, who was first featured in "Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light" and has since featured in several other games even as downloadable content.

Kagero, who was first featured in "Fire Emblem Fates," will also be featured here. We're hoping some players will have these costumes available in time for Easter!

Fortunately for us, Nintendo has released a video of the new event and costumes, featured below. Now, we've all got to make sure that we have our mobile devices charged and ready for this new event to launch!

We are all very excited to see what Nintendo has planned for this month-long event. We're hoping that it will prove to be just as exciting as the promotional video is.

Don't forget! This event launches tomorrow!