There are two disturbing realities in America that are made easy to see through the lens of sports. The old white men want People Of Color to get in their place, and these same people often think that they are justified in doing so. You will find people in America who actually think that the south won a moral victory in the Civil War, and that is where you see white people thinking that they can force people of color to support a flag that does not accurately represent them. Jerry Jones wants to force his players to stand for the anthem, and he is doing everything to make sure that he gets the spotlight.

Look at what a hypocrite he is.

He took a knee

This is a lesson for the players of the Dallas Cowboys. You never take things from disgusting people because those things always come with a price. The Cowboys took a knee before the anthem with Jones, and Jones used that opportunity to make himself look good. However, he is a nasty conservative businessman who is friends with Donald Trump. So we should not be surprised when he was then forcing his players to stand for the anthem because he says they will not play. He is turning to the players of color on his team and saying that he gave them their fifteen seconds of attention. He is a bit like the absentee parent who pats their kid on the head and goes to the fridge to get a beer before the kid goes to bed.

"You've had enough," he would tell them.

This will not end

I have no idea how white owners in the NFL actually think that the debate over the protest will go away. The commissioner has told teams they should stand or stay in the ocker room, and Goodell is also a nasty white conservative businessman who is friends with Donald Trump.

These men are just clutching on the coattails of the worst President in the history of this country, and they are showing their lack of character in the process. You have to be so hungry for money and power that you are willing to stain your family name literally forever, and I feel bad for the grandchildren and great grandchildren of these men who have to be ashamed of their families when they are confronted with the history that is being made right now.

Men like this do not think about that. They simply take what they want when they like.

There are many reasons to be disgusted with the NFL, but we halve to follow it because it is our job. Hopefully, we can get back to football. Have you seen how well the Chiefs are playing? I want to see more of that.