The tit-for-tat attacks between Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) and Trump have certainly gotten the media's attention, with many expressing some level of shock over the conflict. Pundits and journalists have once again asked if they had ever seen anything like this before, such as in Politics Monday segment on the PBS News Hour

Just as Tamara Keith said in the segment, one only needs to assemble parts of recent exchanges between Trump and other lawmakers over the last few months, to get a sense of what is considered the new normal now.

Trump takes credit for Corker's resignation

Within the back and forth attacks that took place last Sunday, Trump claimed that Sen. Corker had asked for his endorsement, saying that he wouldn't give it to him and claiming that it was the reason for why the Senator announced his retirement. He claimed that Corker realized that he wouldn't be able to win another election without the President's support and when he didn't get it, he felt he had no choice but to withdraw from running.

Trump also claimed that the Corker asked him to be his secretary of state before Tillerson was selected. In these claims, one should remember that there is little to no daylight between the President lies, misinformation and those made by conservative lawmakers such as the one the President is attacking.

But Corker claimed that Trump's account of the facts isn't so. In fact, Bloomberg's, "The secret fear behind Trump's attack on Corker" says, "Trump's claim is almost certainly untrue."

The lies and manipulation by Trump and his Republicans

In no way does the article provide details as to why the writer of the article is certain that Trump's claim was untrue, other than to say that with Corker was now free and out of the running to hit back against the President with gusto.

The reason as to why Trump can't be believed even with his latest claims is simply because it coincidentally falls into a repeated pattern of Trump's self-praise, where he claims credit for everything, even those claims that are untrue.

The fact that Corker is free to fire off attacks at Trump and at the same time, reveal that republicans feel the same way as the President's critics do, should make those same critics livid.

The reason is that for the first ten months of Trump's presidency -- though there was some criticism from Republicans -- members of the party played dumb and deflected the notion that they thought the same way as everyone else about a toxic president.

This perspective would make the GOP a completely different animal from Democrats and the majority of commonsense Americans. But the recent revelation, if true, shows what many have assumed the entire time, that the GOP was very aware of their problem but refused to show it. In fact, even after Corker revealed this, Republicans still did not come out in droves to support his position. This would suggest and still leave room for Corker's account can be discredited.