The Louisville athletic department is in shambles at the moment and the Football Team had a very bad game against NC State. Losing to NC State is not really shocking, but it is a problem for a team that might be wondering what they will do at the end of the season. Lamar Jackson will have one more year in school, but Bobby Petrino can get out of his contract if he sees things going downhill. What is Louisville to do now that they cannot contend for a conference title or even get Jackson back into the Heisman conversation?

Lamar Jackson is still a great player

Lamar Jackson is still a great player, but he is not having the magical season that he had last season. He is playing on a level that can keep him looking good, but he is clearly not able to make the team win games. He put them on his back last year, but he cannot do that this year. No one in football is surprised by him, and that means that teams are able to take away what he does well. Defenses are prepared for him and he is going to have to make sure that he ups his game next year before he goes into the draft.

Bobby Petrino might be done

Not a single person can blame Bobby Petrino for wanting to leave if he thinks that the program is going downhill because of the problems at the university, the state of his offense, and other prospects that are around him.

He might have a better job to go to and that could lead him to leave while it is a good time to leave.

Louisville is in a bad spot

The school is in a conference that they cannot compete. They are going to have a hard time competing if they do not have Lamar Jackson. Lamar is simply not going to stay forever, and all the competition around them will get harder in the ACC.

FSU and Clemson will always be good, and Miami is getting better. The Cardinals got one very good season and a big win against FSU last year, and that might be as much as they will get.

The team is not as talented

The Cardinals are not as talented as they were in the past, and they are suffering from that lack of talent. They are not able to stop teams that they could have stopped last year, and they might be in a position where they are giving up more points than they score.

We were so high on Louisville last year, but now they could be a mediocre team because it was just a flash in the pan. That is a very good formula for Jackson's draft stock to fall, Petrino to leave, and the football program to fall into obscurity. They had a good run, but it is not the same now.