The Florida Gators are in a position that they rarely find themselves in. They are playing a must-win game against Kentucky. Kentucky is not known for football, and they must make sure that they are not blown off the field against Florida. Kentucky is fighting for the job of everyone on their coaching staff as they have been through a few years of promises that have not been kept. The Florida Gators have to win so that they do not have a second loss on their resume this early in the season. Florida has looked terrible against both Michigan and Tennessee, and they need a good game against an inferior team to save their season.

Florida looks uneasy

The Florida offense had hoped that Feleipe Franks would be amazing, but he has been very inconsistent. The Florida offense is supposed to be much better than this, and it took a miracle for them to beat the Volunteers last week. This team has a lot of unanswered questions, and they need to start figuring things out against a Kentucky team that is just not as good as them. A loss would be catastrophic, but a bad performance on offense would be almost as bad. Jim Mcelwain might be looking for a new job soon if his offense does not improve.


The Kentucky coaching staff has promised that the team would get better, but they are not as good as they should be. Somehow, Lousiville is amazing and has the reigning Heisman winner on its team.

Kentucky cannot do anything but wait for Midnight Madness. That is when you see Ashley Judd come out to the campus, and we should remember that the Stoops coaching tree was supposed to make things better. At this point, things seem to be about the same as when Joker Phillips was the coach.

Would McElwain get fired?

Jim McElwain will probably not get fired in the middle of the season, but the Florida athletics department might want to fire him after the season if the team does not get any better.

They would be right to look at McElwain and ask, "are you not the offensive genius? Then why is your offense so bad? How come you cannot find a quarterback? Why is everyone else able to get a quarterback but you and Gus Malzahn? Auburn wants to fire him, so why should we let you keep your job?" This is a sensible line of thinking, and it is wise to remember that coaches have been fired for a lot less. They thought they had a great coach, but he cannot recruit players for his own system. This game is a must-win for both Kentucky and Florida, but Florida should take it.