The NBA and NHL have started their preseasons and they are embarking on very long journeys to give us champions. It has not been all that long since we saw the Penguins win the Cup and the Warriors win another title. However, we are back at it even though we just started the playoffs in the MLB and are in the middle of the football season. The seasons are too long and the overlap does not help.

Basketball should start around Christmas

We started the NBA season around Christmas when there was a lockout and the season was a bearable length. The teams in the league that are competitive literally do not care what happens for most of the season, and they have to be stopped from resting the stars on their teams.

There are many people who got mad when people like LeBron James were resting, and that is because he cares about winning titles. The Warriors might have broken the single season win record a couple years ago, but that is not really a useful record.

The season heats up really late

If we move the beginning of the season closer to the end of the season, we will have a much more exciting season because it ends a lot faster. That would make it more like the NFL season, and this is the kind of league that can make a change like that because they are progressive and not so rooted in their old ways. The NHL might do the same thing, but they probably need all the games that they can get because they have to make money and get their teams playing as much as possible.

The NHL takes so long

The NHL has a season that feels like it takes even longer because they are not publicized very well. The NHL seems like the fly that is flying around your house that you cannot get rid of. You go to bed and it wakes you up in the middle of the night buzzing into your blinds. The NHL season keeps rearing its head if you do not follow it and that makes it kind of annoying.

Those of us who do not really follow hockey would be more interested in watching games if it took less time and had a little bit more competition.

The solution is keeping seasons separate

The NBA and NHL play at the same time, and they can have their seasons happen together. However, they are not doing themselves any favors by playing at the same time as the NFL and the MLB.

It is very hard for them to get any traction because the NFL is so popular, and it is going to stay that way until people get fed up with it. In the meantime, the NFL is going to keep taking the audience's eyes from the NBA and NHL.