Bobby Petrino will have his buyout cut in half because Louisville effectively fired Tom Jericho as their athletic director. Jurich is actually on something they are calling indefinite Leave, but he is probably going to lose his job. If you are Bobby Petrino, do you leave Louisville while you still can? That might be the smart thing to do just because of the FBI investigation that has been brought to their doorstep. Football has not been involved, but we all know that Petrino wants nothing to do with that. He would still owe the school $4 million if Jurich gets fired, but that might be worth it to him if he wants another job.

This guy has no loyalty at all, and this may be his chance to get out.

He is not loyal

We know that Petrino does not have the kind of heart that would lead him to be loyal to anything. He talked about taking Tommy Tuberville's job behind his back. He left Louisville for the Falcons, but then he left the Falcons in the middle of the season to coach Arkansas. Then, he cheated on his wife with a girl he got in a motorcycle crash with. So, he had the world's worst mid life crisis. This is the kind of guy that takes a chance like this and runs to another school. So, where would he go if he left Lousiville for greener pastures?

Where could he go?

Florida would be very attractive for Petrino if he believed that Jim McElwain was going to get fired.

Tennessee would be a good place to land, and he might find himself at a place like Texas Tech. There are places that would like to have Petrino and his offense, and they would pay for him to get out of his contract because they know that he will win. They throw integrity out the window because they worship football more than education.

Colleges that are interested in Petrino have probably already asked through back channels if he wanted to change jobs. There must be an interest out there now that people see an opening to get him away from Louisville.

Would he succeed elsewhere?

Yes, he would be very good no matter where he went. he is one of the best coaches in the country even if he has very little personal integrity.

That is not really an issue in terms of winning. There are a lot of coaches who are not very good guys, but they win. Colleges like winning, and they know that they will be relevant the second that they hire Petrino. He fixed Arkansas, and he could fix any school that hires him. This is an odd story that will have a sour end for Louisville no matter what happens.