Kyrie Irving has come out and said that Boston is a real sports town, and that is an important detail for people who are watching how he is handling this move from Cleveland. He is clearly mad at Cleveland and not just at LeBron. To be fair, he is Upset with LeBron because he was pretty clear about the fact that he did not want to play with LeBron even though he never actually said it. Now he is jabbing Cleveland because he knows that Cleveland was not good for him. Imagine being Irving, being responsible for their one title, and not getting any credit for it.

The title

Kyrie Irving is responsible for the one title that Cleveland has gotten in a couple of generations. He made the shot, and he was the one that was able to pull the Cavaliers through when it was clear that LeBron could not. Well, that is probably how he sees it. There are a lot of people who think that he was just a byproduct of LeBron being there. There are others who think that Kyrie was the person who suffered the most and should have been given credit. This is a lot like people who prefer Paul Pierce to Kevin Garnett. Pierce sucked in Boston for years and earned that title. Kyrie sucked for years in Cleveland and earned that title.

The city is biased

The city is biased for LeBron because he is the native son that came to bring them a title.

That is a major problem for Kyrie because he cannot get the credit for the things that he did. He came out and said that Boston is a sports town because he is saying that the people of Boston are actually smart enough to know that he made the shots that gave Cleveland that title. This is something that a lot of people might not realize right off because they were not paying attention.

Kyrie thinks that Boston fans are brighter, and he has the right to jab Clevelanders who did not give him any respect.

Kyrie has a bone to pick

It is clear that Kyrie is playing for himself more than he would be playing for a team. That is fine because he is allowed to have pride, and that pride could help him play so much better in the eventual conference final that he is going to play against the Cavaliers.

There are a lot of people who are going to relish in the fact that they can see Kyrie get some revenge, and they might not even care if he loses the NBA Finals to the Warriors. They will only want to see him get vindication against Cleveland and the people of Cleveland who are going to look pretty ungrateful the farther and farther away that they get from Kyrie.