The NBA All-Star Game format change has been turned on its head by Stephen Curry because he knows that he can just pick his teammates. There are a lot of people who would get sick of that because they think that they are already seeing enough of the Warriors, and that is a major problem because we would not get a lot of variety in the All-Star Game. The NBA was trying to make the game more interesting, but all they succeeded in doing was making the game a little bit less interesting. You and I will get to see something fun, but the NBA will not get the result they wanted.

He is right to pick his teammates

Curry can pick his teammates because that is his right, but it is really hard for him not to. We have forgotten that the Warriors actually like playing with each other, and that is why it is very hard for people to get away from the Warriors. This team loves being around itself, and they do not necessarily need the variety that they get from picking out these teams like this. Curry might not be a captain, but I would not be shocked if someone picked a bunch of Warriors players to play for them.

The Warriors are cohesive

The NBA did not anticipate that the Warriors would be so cohesive that they would want to play all the time. The three on three basketball teams at the Olympics would be amazing because you could legitimately make two very competitive three on three teams just from the Warriors roster.

You can easily imagine Klay Thompson taking Draymond and McGee while Curry would take Iguodala and Durant. The cohesive nature of this team sort of sucks some of the life out of the All-Star Game.

The NBA needs to wait it out

The Warriors will not be together forever, and that is when the NBA will benefit from the format change.

They will see more talent spread out across the league, and they will get some of the intrigue that they are not going to get right now. That is why it is so important for people to wait for this format change out until the teams will be more interesting.

The stories

The stories from the All-Star Game will center around players who do not like each other.

If you were a captain, would you pick LeBron to be on the same team as Kyrie? That would be a very bad idea. Would you pick Russell Westbrook to play on the same team as Kevin Durant? Would you pick Lance Stephenson to play on the same as LeBron? Would you pick Isaiah Thomas to play on a team with any of this old Celtics teammates? That is why we need to watch this game.