Von Miller's opinion on how much Odell Beckham should be paid means absolutely nothing. His opinion only means that he wants more players who are not quarterbacks to get paid. Von Miller is adding fuel to the fire so that we will have a discussion about how much people are paid, and that is a conversation worth having. The players in the NFL are already generally upset with Owners, and now they can lobby for more money at a time when the owners look like racist bullies.

Changing how guys get paid

Nobody is going to change the pay scale of the league just by saying that Beckham should be paid higher than anyone else in the league, but we might start a discussion about the pay scales in the league.

That means that a lot of people might go into negotiations asking for differing pay scales for each position. We have a lot of players that have been paid franchise tags, and they are making an average that was set by pay scales in the league. That is why the defensive players in the league are hoping to get as much pay as the offensive players, and it is why offensive players are hoping to get paid as much as quarterbacks. These players are very concerned about how much they are making because they only have so much time to earn their money, and they will do anything they can to earn that money as fast as they can.

Talking about it helps

Players know that they are making owners uncomfortable, and they want to keep doing that as much as they can because they know that it will make a difference.

They are going to do all that they can to make sure that they can get their money in any way that they can. This might start with some people getting more incentives, and we might see all the pay scales jump up in the next CBA. We have to keep the conversation alive because these guys are earning their money. I do not think that Beckham is the best player at his position in the league, but I do believe that he is a very good player who should be paid well.

That is where Von Miller is coming from because he wants to have a chance to make as much money as a quarterback.

Pushing the owners

The owners cannot fire everyone because they will run out of talent. We already do not have enough talent to make a full 32 teams in the league, and that is why there are a lot of people who are waiting for the owners to crack.

The owners cannot win every battle, and they will continue to lose ground in the public eye because they look worse and worse with every new issue. We know the owners get all the cash, and they need to give up some more.