The Washington Redskins are probably are going to lose Kirk Cousins at the end of the season because they have no way to pay him enough money to make him stay. He would have to be the richest player in the history of the league to stay, and that will not happen. Cousins needs to start shopping around for a place that he can play, and that makes a big difference in how he can find a place to play. The 49ers fan in me wants to make him come to San Francisco, but he needs to be a lot more discerning than my fan's heart for the team.

The 49ers have a case

Kyle Shanahan just went to the Super Bowl and took the job with the 49ers. That is the kind of cache that he has, and that is why the 49ers have a very good chance of getting him to sign with them. However, it is impossible to believe that the 49ers are the only team that he could go to. Look at all the times that a team has been very close to being great without a quarterback. Think about what your team could do if they signed Cousins.

The Jags, Giants, Dolphins, and Cardinals

Each of the four teams listed above could have a reason to sign Cousins. The Colts have been left off the list, but they could need Cousins if Andrew Luck does not want to stay in Indy. That could make them a contender to sign Cousins, and he should listen to every pitch to make sure that he is given the best chance to make the most money and win.

There are a lot of people who will be willing to pay him, and Cousins needs to think about how long he can stay with that team for a long time. He needs to be a very good in that place, and he has to be committed to a team to be sure that they have a face of the franchise. He would be great in Jacksonville because they already have Allen Robinson, Leonard Fournette, and a great defense.

The Dolphins are going to need someone because Jay Cutler cannot stay forever. It is a very interesting pitch for him to go somewhere other than San Francisco.

Cousins might be a bust

It is entirely possible that the 49ers could sign Cousins and get nothing from him. There are a lot of people who think that he is not worth the money, but it is really hard for people to imagine him being great in Washington.

There are a lot of people who are hoping that he falls apart, but he has to prove them wrong. He has all the pressure in the world on him because he has to show that he is worth all the money that he is going to be paid. That is why the search for the right team needs to be intense. Kirk Cousins has to choose wisely for his legacy.