Adrian Peterson has been traded to the Arizona Cardinals, and it does him a huge favor because he is not going to want to bee in new orleans after how this season started. There are a lot of people who thought that the Saints were the only team that wanted him, but they were the only team that really needed him. Now he can go to the Cardinals where he can make a difference and save them while David Johnson sits on the sideline. Obviously, Johnson is not going to lose his job, but it would be cool to see them both working in this offense.

Peterson can still run

Peterson can still run the ball, but he needs to be put into an offense that will actually use his talents to their peak effect. He is one of the best running backs to ever play the position, and that is why he needs to be in Arizona. He might not drag them to a title, but they could get a lot better a lot faster. They can plan to bring back David Johnson in a time that makes the most sense for them, and that is why it is important that people watch to see how effective he is because the impact should be instant.

The Cardinals still have hope

We thought that the Cardinals were dead in the water when they lost David Johnson because it was him that was pulling their offense along.

Someone who is trying to plan for fantasy can start to count on this team again because Carson Palmer will have a running back that they can count on. This is why running matters because some offenses need it more than others. The Cardinals can use Peterson for a couple years, and they can plan for the traditional away from Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald.

There are a lot of reasons to love the trade

The Peterson trade helps the Saints so that they are not going to look stupid because they are not using him, and the Cardinals will be able to go to their second option instantly because they need help. That is a win win for both teams, and it is really scary to think about how bad it could have gotten in New Orleans had they not done this.

We are seeing more and more trades because that is the only way for the teams in the league to get all the players that they need.

Why does Adrian Peterson need this?

Adrian Peterson should not walk away from football if he still wants to keep playing. There are a lot of people who are going to think that he should just retire because of all the things that he has been through over the last couple years. There are a lot of people who want to see him break. records, and that is where he is going if he can sustain himself in Arizona.