The Auburn University athletic department has been hit with more problems that now include someone in the support department taking an online exam for a Football Player in 2016. If that is the case, they need to rule the kid ineligible because he committed Academic Fraud. However, the current Auburn football team is at the bottom of the list of very bad things that has gone on at that school. They may or may not have paid for Cam Newton to come to school there, and that would make the team lose its national title from a few years ago. Chuck Person just got arrested as part of a massive bribery scandal that involved players that went to Auburn and other schools, and now we see this academic fraud scandal.

Does this go on at every school, or is Auburn just really dirty?

Everyone has skeletons

The skeletons in every closet are different, but some people stole a pack of gum from the grocery store, or they might have let the dog out and said it ran away. Some schools probably have very minor things go on, and others might have a lot of bad stuff going on like this. The schools might be even worse if they are having issues on the level that Penn State once did, but we will never see it all. We can flippantly say that the college football teams all around the country are cheating, but do not actually know what they are doing. Maybe it was just this one kid at Auburn. If that was the case, then it is not really that serious.

If it was widespread, that is a much bigger scandal.

Auburn just got competitive

It is really sad that the Auburn Tigers just showed us that they are very competitive at the same time that they got caught up in this scandal. Their team is really good, and they are good enough to beat Alabama. They might not beat Alabama, but they definitely have a chance to do so.

Auburn needs to figure out how to get out of their own way, and that might include the fact that they need to completely change their approach to players and player conduct. Maybe they let things slide too easily, and that is where their players get off thinking that they can do anything they want. The football player has been reported as admitting that he had someone take the test for him, but that does not mean that other people have not done the same thing and keep it quiet. All the work that Gus Malzahn just did could go down the drain.

Auburn football and athletics in general need to take a look in the mirror before they continue to act this way.