Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has been playing under serious pressure this season. Not only has he been ducking defensive lineman and completing 68% of his passes, but he's also been doing it while on-call with his wife pregnant and 11 days overdue.

Cooper Cousins

Thankfully the wait has ended as the couple was able to welcome their first child into the world Friday night. Weighing nine pounds, six ounces...baby-boy Cooper Cousins was born Friday night. Both Julie Cousins and Cooper have already been discharged and returned home. Kirk returned to practice Saturday and didn't attempt to hide his happiness when he spoke with reporters.

“I'm sure many of you who are dads and moms know that it's a special experience,” Cousins said. “I texted the coaches afterwards and said, 'That was a top experience of my life so far.' So I guess that says it all.”

Cousins had to leave practice early on Friday to rush to the hospital, a moment he's been waiting for all offseason. The Cousins' figured that Julie would be nearing labor sometime at the beginning (September 18 was the due date) of the season and were hopeful Kirk wouldn't be in the middle of a game or out of town. Thankfully the Redskins hadn't made the team flight yet, and Kirk was able to participate in team meetings still via Facetime with backup quarterback Colt McCoy.

McCoy assumed first-string reps at practice, a move that is honestly nothing more now than a formality with the baby already delivered.

Cousins still focused

Despite the birth of his first-born child, the ultra-prepared Cousins is still very much ready to guide the Redskins offense Monday night against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs and their tough defense.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden believes Cousins will be just fine as the team will be able to fill him in on everything he missed in the process.

Brandon Scherff's wife also gave birth Friday night

As it turns out team Cousins wasn't the only Washington player/married couple expecting as Redskins starting left guard Brandon Scherff's wife gave birth to a baby boy Friday night as well, also the couple's first child.

Injury report

The Redskins released their final injury report Saturday afternoon, and six players will be questionable; Mason Foster, Rob Kelley, Jordan Reed, Jamison Crowder. DJ Swearinger and Will Compton. Reed and Kelley both have already stated earlier this week that they intend to play Monday night.