Nobody envisioned that the New York giants would be so broken this year and be in such bad shape. A team that was in the playoffs last year with a record of 11-5 to now being 0-5. The team had such high expectations and it has only been getting worse since week 1. There were weaknesses, but a lot of bad luck and a big issue is what is making their season a complete waste.

The NFL season has been unpredictable with teams like the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and the Philadelphia Eagles playing well when the media and people doubted that they would.

There is one key issue that is contributing to the demise of the Giants and it is obvious. And the team must fix this particular issue to change the organization around and to be successful for years to come.

The main issue

The main issue with the Giants lies in the offensive line. The power of a team stems from the O-line and the season is proving alone how important it can be to a team. It is impeding the offense drastically and it has been a plaguing issue for years, but now it is showing enormously. Players like Ereck Flowers and Bobby Hart have been exposed a lot this season as they cannot block for their lives. The rest of the line does not look great either besides Weston Richburg and Justin Pugh who have shown flashes of brilliance.

The line is killing the team and causing them a lot of problems. Manning gets hit on almost every play and can not throw the ball and the team can barely run the ball too. Without the ability to run or throw the offense is worthless and a lot of pressure is put on the defense to perform. It is exhausting for a defense to be on the field for most of the game no matter how great they are.

It is not the QB

Others are pointing to Eli Manning as the issue with the team, but in my opinion, it is not him. Eli has regressed, but he still can throw the ball and be accurate in flashes. Manning has no time to throw the ball, which is causing turnovers and the inability to throw the ball. What has happened is that he has no time to throw the ball so he throws it on quick slants or routes and the defense gets used to this and can defend it.

The inability for them to run the ball effectively also puts pressure on the QB and then they end up in long 3rd down situations. The offense is predictable and the coach should be looking to change the offense around next season. Ben McAdoo has also struggled as a head coach this year. He has made erratic decisions and bad play calls in games when it mattered. Last year, the team was able to win close games, but this year they are losing closely contested ones.

And it is only going to look worse now with their big playmaker and star Odell Beckham Jr. being out for the rest of the season. Brandon Marshall has also underperformed and he is also out for the year, while Sterling Shepard is battling an ankle sprain.

The team has had a lot of bad luck with plenty of injuries on both sides of the field.

Outlook for the rest of the season

It will, unfortunately, won't be getting any better for 'Big Blue,' with a decimated offense and a weaker defense. I still believe that the big issue is not with the defense, but the offense. The team needs to tank and get the first-round pick and if they are smart, draft a lineman or QB. The future rests on it.

We will see what rookie quarterback Davis Webb has in the tank most likely towards the end of the season or even sooner. My prediction is that 'big blue' will be tanking and ending the season at a record of 1-15 or 2-14 at best. They have a tough schedule ahead of them and it is not getting any better for the organization. The ship is sinking and if the Giants do not make the correct decisions going forward it will implode and sink further.