Auburn University has a proud football team, and they are not playing like a proud team at the moment. They have been so bad that we cannot imagine they will ever find a good quarterback, and it looks like Gus Malzahn is not actually the guru that he has claimed to be. The team has been having a hard time getting its offense going for the last couple years, and they are now completely stuck because they have lost at the beginning of the season once again. The Tigers need to find a way to get their team on the right track, and they need to remember how much easier it would be if they completely changed their focus.

Malzahn is not a guru

Malzahn is not a guru even though we have been convinced that he is. He had a couple good years because he had all the right pieces on his offense, but he is not capable of finding his own players. He has been very bad at recruiting, and that may be a reason for Auburn to fire him. They cannot keep lagging behind Alabama when their rivals to the north are so good by comparison. I would be so upset if I were a major donor to Auburn, and I can imagine they are talking about what they want to do with Malzahn.

Make a change

You must make a change if you are Auburn before you fall too far behind and forget the good years. It has been a while since they won the national title with Cam Newton, and it seems like it was decades ago.

It was only a few years back, but Auburn has tried to mold itself around this offense that is honestly not that good. They are not able to win close games, and they are consistently not competitive in their division. Getting out of the SEC West is hard enough, and they are lagging behind teams like Miss. State and Alabama. LSU will get better, and Auburn will continue to stay in the doldrums until they change coaches.

Malzahn cannot work a miracle. That is not possible.

Running backs?

Where are the running backs at Auburn? This team has not had any serious running backs in years, and they have been trying to run the ball with guys who are not as talented as the other people in the conference. Auburn has a tradition of having amazing running backs, but they are so focused on finding a quarterback that they have completely given up on the rest of their offense.

It is as if Malzahn is saying that he just needs that one guy to run his offense, and we all know that that is simply not true. He needs every position on the field filled, and those positions are lacking at the moment. Auburn needs a change before it gets worse.