It is clear that Auburn is not as good as you think, but there have been so many freak losses in college football that this team has jumped near the top ten. We probably need to pump the brakes on this club because they are clearly not as good as we think they are. The team has talent, but they will not simply walk through anyone they play this season, and they have not yet figured out how to manage their offense. The Tigers have a lot of work to do, and they need to make sure that they are very careful with the perception of their team if they want to keep that high ranking.

The offense

The offense at Auburn could easily stop working today without any warning at all. Mississippi State has a good team, and they could start to stump The Tigers. The Tigers would not be prepared for that because they do not respond to adversity very well. The team is just not very good at coming back from hard situations, and this team might be in very big trouble if they start to trail Auburn early. I would expect Auburn to start sputtering on offense because I also believe that Dan Mullen is the better coach.

Auburn fan vibes

The problem with Auburn fans is that they get a little bit too excited about their team. They tend to have the wrong expectations, and they are quick to boo. Granted, these teams are playing in Starkville, but the Tigers fans who are there will get angry really fast if Auburn is playing badly.

The Auburn fans who could give a little bit of support will not be able to continue cheering, and the band is really not a good enough cheerleader for the squad. That is part of where the Tigers fall apart because they are far too susceptible to the way that the fans react to them.

Mississippi State is not that bad

Georgia made this team look really bad last week, and they are not really all that terrible.

There is something about the SEC that makes it hard to win from week to week, and the Bulldogs are likely to bounce back against Auburn. Auburn might be caught by this team early because Dan Mullen knows that they have to get off to a fast start. Auburn may not be able to respond fast enough to counter the Bulldogs, and that will be where they lose the game.

The Bulldogs would be wise to move quickly to demoralize the Tigers.

Gus Malzahn's Tigers may be ranked high in the standings, but this team is not as good as it looks. They will lose this game and have their ranking corrected to something that is more realistic. Perhaps Mississippi State will take their place.