Americans should not be surprised regarding the allegations of sexual misconduct of Harvey Weinstein, or his defense that he grew up in a culture where it was accepted. Sexual predators have always been a part of this nation. This was most evident during slavery Plantation owners such Thomas Jefferson expected and received sexual favors from the women on their plantations. The evidence is the multicolored hues of African Americans who came to this nation with complexions that were jet black. Men preying on women has not changed much over the decades.

Unfortunately, many females today suffer in silence and have nothing to prove that they were harassed, or even raped.

Sexual predators have always been a part of American culture

In the books "Queen" by Alex Haley, and "Jubilee" by Margaret Walker the tales of sexual predators is so similar one might believe there has been plagiarism. Queen and Vyry the heroines of each story were daughters of slaves and their white masters. Queen's mother Easter was in a willing relationship with "Jas" but according to the book, her mother Annie was raped by at least 3 masters before giving birth to her daughter.

Vyry's mother was raped but eventually accepted that she was the "massa's" woman. What else could these women do but submit?

Married American plantation owners cheated on their wives with their "property," who had no voice. It was said that Thomas Jefferson had a long-term relationship with Sally Hemmings, but no one can say for sure if she was willing or simply complaint because she had no other choice.

The casting couch and other entitlements by madmen who expect women to comply

Harvey Weinstein, like Donald Trump, grew up in the era of madmen and the casting couch. Women have been expected to put out if they wanted jobs or promotions. In recent years American females have been speaking out, and stories regarding alleged sexual predators such as Bill O'Reilly and Bill Cosby have come to light.

Some men who have been allowed to obtain great power, seem to believe that part of their reward is that women should willingly submit to their desires.

There are more than likely numerous stories of sexual predators that have never been told. Women who were raped or beaten into submission went to their graves with their secrets because there was a time in American History when the had no voice. At least Weinstein had the decency to apologize and make an attempt to try to explain his unacceptable behavior. Others, who have been accused of making lewd comments, touching or forcing themselves on unwilling women have and will continue to get away with it.