Donald Trump needs to be impeached now. Every house republican backing his insurance plan needs to be voted out of office. Never in American history has their been a president, and a group of elected officials, who are so full of themselves, and totally out of touch with the people they are suppose to serve.. They are so determined to remove everything that President Obama did, that they are willing to sacrifice the most defenseless Americans. These men of the GOP are not so grand. They are the older, angry, white male stereotype, and they are running the nation.

The good ol' boys are not so good

The belief that no one will die without insurance coverage is one of the most idiotic statements to ever come out of the White House. Penalizing Americans with pre-existing conditions is a death sentence. These angry men are drunk with their own power, and fueled by the fact that Obama is out, and Hillary did not make it in. They are contained inside their "good ol' boy" atmosphere and are not able to relate to America as it really is today. They have shown themselves to be against women, minorities, and the LBGTQ community. Hate crimes and anti-semitic activity has increased since November when Trump won the election. This is why all of these men need to be out of office as soon as possible.

The backwards thinking of our president, his lies, and manipulations are causing problems worldwide. He is alienating our allies, disrespecting other world leaders, and hiding behind tweets to do most of it. Republicans who said they would never vote for Trump are now in his back pocket. Paul Ryan went from saying he could never support president Trump, to his biggest "yes man." If Americans truly desire this nation to be great, Donald Trump must be impeached now.

The abortion stance is laughable

Many evangelicals said that Jesus was now back in the White House because Trump was against abortion. That's a joke. What is the point of an administration that protects the rights of the unborn, but sets up laws that may cause them to die when they are older? If an American has hard times, and cannot afford insurance, or has a pre-existing condition, yes, it can cause them to die.

If their social service programs are cut, and they cannot feed themselves, they can get sick and die. Donald Trump and his motley crew certainly know this. They just do not care.

The Trump administration is the most un-American in my lifetime. The ony thing this leader cares about is winning. Americans need to flood their senators and congressmen's offices with calls and emails. We need to let Washington know that we are the ones with the true power, and we can see to it that they are booted from office.