Despite numerous sexual accusations, Bill Cosby has so far not been charged for his alleged crimes. He appeared in Montgomery County Court on Monday to face charges of sexual accusations while being accompanied by his daughter Knight Keisha Pulliam.

First testimony

A woman named Kelly Johnston testified as the first witness in court on Monday that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her back in 1996. Kelly met Cosby in 1990 at a talent management company when her boss represented Cosby. They would later become friends. Kelly told the court that she once went to Cosby's Los Angeles bungalow for acting lessons, he appeared in a bathrobe to greet her.

He then had her act a scene for her lessons where she had to act like a drunk woman while Cosby as a man in the act would embrace and kiss her. She told the court that he repeated the scene six times, she avoided the embrace at the end of the scenes.

Cosby's second sexual assault against Kelly

In 1996, Cosby invited Kelly to the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles to discuss her potential career as an actress. Kelly told the court that while at the hotel, he gave her a drug that deprived her strength. She described the pill as big and white in color. The woman told the court that he stressed that his intentions were not to hurt her but to help her relax. After taking the pill, she felt weak and laid down on a couch.

Later, she ended up in bed with her skirt pulled up and her top pulled down with her breasts exposed. She went ahead and said that he had a bottle of lotion. He then lotioned her hand and placed it on his penis.

12 other women were in court, but only Kelly testified. The past accusations from the women proved that Cosby has a habit of using drugs to commit his crimes.

The lawyer to the victim told the court that Cosby should not be treated like a famous person and that he used his fame and his previous sexual practice methods to please himself sexually. Cosby's lawyers, on the other hand, told the court that Kelly had mixed up the years of the details of her accusations. Cosby's trial will last for two weeks.

Cosby's sexual accusations

Bill Cosby's sexual accusations date back in the 1960s'. He has so far been accused by 60 women of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, rape and drug-facilitated sexual assault. These allegations were made public in late 2014. The women who have brought these accusations come from 10 different U.S states while one is from Canada. He has however denied all the allegations.