Let us assume for a moment that you were called an ineffective leader by a hall of fame player who might have even coached you at one point or another. Let us assume that you and that coach do not get along. You have some options when you respond, and none of them involves calling the better player a clown. Kevin McHale called James Harden a bad leader, and he was right in his assessment based on what he has seen. However, Harden needs to learn that the way to respond is to just let it go. Harden got caught up in his feelings, and now we have to discuss how he handles adversity based on one little comment.

Kobe and Shaq

Kobe and Shaq had one of the worst fallouts of all time when they practically dismantled the Lakers because they hated each other. Shaq famously rapped about Kobe having less rings, and Kobe did nothing. Kobe went on to win two more titles on his own, and he is considered the better Laker by many. He kept his mouth shut because it was not worth addressing. Harden should have thought of that first.

Barkley and Oakley

Charles Oakley had some unkind things to say about Charles Barkley once, and Barkley said that it was not important enough to waste his time on. If Harden does not like Kevin McHale, he should have simply said that it did not matter what McHale thought. I can imagine many people in life shrugging off things like this because they seem unimportant, but Harden is living in the Kardashian/Hollywood world where everything has to be a story.

His need to be in the news at all times caused him to say something stupid.

Now we have to talk about it

Harden is going to get asked about McHale's comments over and over this year whether he likes it or not. Every time he shows a chink in his armor, he will be questioned because a hall of fame player brought up his inability to lead.

Had Harden allowed McHale to have his opinion without responding, we would not be talking about this right now. We could laugh at Harden, allow him to prove himself on the floor, and we would have forgotten about it. Instead, Harden has extended the conversation on his leadership by acting like a child and calling a grandfather a clown.

Harden can be so much better

Everyone screamed and cried when Harden was let go by the Thunder. The masses believed that Harden would have been the perfect third piece in OKC, and he might have won a title there by now if he had stayed. That means that he has all the potential in the world, and we simply need to see him fulfill it.