Cam Newton walked out of a press conference because he did not want to answer Questions about his offense. First of all, grow up, please. Second, how can he not take lessons from other people in the NFL? Does he not know anything about NFL history, and does he not know anything about how the media works today? I feel like I have been promised a lot with Newton, and I feel like I have been cheated out of those promises. They said he would mature, but he has not.

Why does this keep happening?

This guy has not matured one bit since he left college. Readers may recall that he had to leave Florida after there was an "incident" that involved something that might have been considered a little bit too untoward.

That is a big problem for someone like Newton because it is going to keep coming back up. We have seen him insult a female reporter, and we have seen him pout after losses. Now, he cannot even sit through a press conference. He is not doing very well right now, and it is his own fault.

Learn the lessons of Belichick

I think it would have been smart for Newton to learn the lessons of Bill Belichick. We have technology, and I can assume that he must have an iPhone or some other device where he can watch Belichick pressers. Belichick says nothing in his press conferences, and he never does. He is not someone that I would idolize, but he is the perfect person to watch when you are trying to do NFL PR.

If you are not the kind of person who can talk, be like Bill. If you are the person who likes to talk, watch Dan Quinn. That guy blabs his mouth off in interviews, but he never really says anything of substance. What should Cam have done?

What to say

Cam could have said, "we are working on it, and I believe in this unit. Next question." That is all that he had to say to get around questions about the offense.

It would have been uncomfortable, but it would not have lasted very long. That is why it is very important to remember that you have control over your own voice. You can say anything that you want, and you do not have to answer questions. Athletes complain about the media, but most of the time, they just need to not say anything.

Look at Marshawn Lynch at the Super Bowl. He made himself famous by avoiding the media. It was funny, we liked him for it, and we have only good memories of him. He is so likable that we are going to forgive him for shoving an official. Cam Newton just looks like a child throwing a tantrum because his mom asked him where he got that pack of gum.