Louisville really likes sports, and it stands to reason that they would send a blistering termination letter to Tom Jurich after they fired him. To be fair, he probably had to have played some role in what went on at Louisville, but the administration of the school cannot pretend that they are not to blame. They act like he ran the school, and they were profiting off of the programs that he helped put together. This is another black mark on a school that has shown the whole world they love money more than they love students.

Every school does this

I would agree that most schools are probably no different from Louisville. There might be some kind of impropriety going on that we do not know about, and there might be someone in the administration who would be willing to look the other way until it blows up in their face. That would be pretty common for most companies. That is how people operate most of the time. They just want things to get done so that they can profit from it. The problem is that Louisville is a school, and they are not a very well run school right now.

Is Jurich wrong?

I do not think that Tom Jurich is wrong or right. I think that he might have known some things were going on, but I seriously doubt that he could have stopped it, knew all the facts, or had any idea where to start.

I think that he was trying to keep his job, too, and the only way to do that was to keep his mouth shut. If he really did not know anything at all, then that means that he has been a faithful servant to Lousiville who got thrown out with the bath water. That would be the biggest tragedy of them all because he has to find a new job while the Cardinals get to keep marching on.

He might not even be able to find a new job if the NCAA puts some kind of show cause on him.

Why does this look bad?

Rick Pitino is suing Adidas, and he could easily turn around and sue Lousiville if he wanted to. Jurich could end up suing Louisville if he thinks that he has a defamation case against them, and the university will waste millions of dollars paid by students to defend themselves when someone in their administration must have known something was going on.

It is always after the fact that we find out there were a lot of people who knew what was going on. We have to assume that someone else knows something, and I hope that that person comes out and says it. If it was just a few rogue employees, then that is fine. If not, Lousiville is going to keep rehashing this story every time there is new evidence.