The Carolina Panthers will face the Buffalo Bills in Week-2 action in the NFL. Both teams were winners in Week-1 action, meaning that they will enter the game undefeated. The betting odds on the game largely imply that the Panthers will be the victors on Sunday. The Bills enter the game as +7 underdogs with numerous sportsbooks, including bet365.

Recapping Week-1 results for both teams

If you look at the Week-1 results and spreads to try and get some insight into who the better football team is then you'd probably have to go with the Panthers. They only beat the San Francisco 49ers in the first week, but the Carolina Panthers were playing on the road.

They posted a 20-point spread as visitors and that's certainly a confidence-building result for them following a disappointing season last year. Their fans have to be hoping that it's a sign of things to come, with hopes of doing damage in the playoffs once again.

The Bills won in Week 1 as well but, on the other hand, they were home winners against the New York Jets and the Bills only posted a 9-point spread en route to their victory. Arguably, Buffalo beat the better team in Week 1, but in consideration of the relative venues and spreads, the Panthers are the team that proved more in the first week of play.

Cam Newton downplays McDermott factor

Cam Newton spoke with the media earlier this week.

He said that he felt "great" heading into his team's home opener. He also called Buffalo "a great team" and seemed to be focused on preparing for the game at hand.

One point of view on the game that has been mentioned by multiple sources is the fact that Sean Mcdermott, formerly of the Carolina Panthers, is now the head coach of the Buffalo Bills.

Dan Hellie, one of the NFL's pundits, mentioned that in the league's preview from their Youtube account in his opening remarks. Newton also answered a questioned from an unnamed reporter on the topic in his interview from earlier this week.

In answering to McDermott's presence on the opposing team's sidelines Newton said that the upcoming game would be more "about execution" and didn't seem impressed by the fact that McDermott is part of the Bills in terms of that circumstance swaying the result.

Newton seemed to be more concerned with the defensive players on Buffalo, players that he paid compliments too. When the reporters pressed on the McDermott question, Newton seemed annoyed and appeared to believe that the perspective on the game was being overblown.

As Newton sees it, the home fans for Carolina will be an advantage in Bank of America Stadium. The game will be aired on CBS as part of the early slate of NFL action on Sunday (1pm ET).