David Stern has just come out and said publicly that the NBA should allow players to smoke marijuana if it is legal in the state where they are. What I find hilarious about that is that he is a known oppressor of all athletes in the NBA, and he has had this sudden Change Of Heart. It appears that he talked to Al Harrington about it and learned what the real deal was about medical marijuana. What is even more funny about it is that he clamped down on marijuana because someone came to him and said their teammates were coming to games high. Yet, he never investigated that.

Does that sound like the NFL owners taking the word of a few racist fans? It does to me.

Stern is a hypocrite

You cannot convince me that David Stern, an educated lawyer, did not know what was going on with medical marijuana when he was crying about how it was a gateway drug and it had to be eliminated from the NBA. He is not that stupid, but he wants you to believe that. He wants you to believe that he could literally walk on water, but he had no idea about marijuana. It is insulting to our intelligence, and it is even more insulting considering that he labeled Tim Donaghy a rogue official. How much more was this guy lying about while he was commissioner? It all sounds very phony.

Harrinton is right

If Al Harrington has his way, the NBA will slowly move to legalize marijuana, and that will spread as more states vote to legalize it. That will help keep some NBA players in a better frame of mind, and it will help make other players much more relaxed if they have anxiety. You probably do not consider that a rich professional athlete has anxiety, but we know that some of these guys must be anxious as a general rule.

If they could calm down by smoking a little pot, that would actually make the game better.

No one will be high at games

It is practically impossible for an NBA player to be high at a game. There are three basic reasons for this. First, all the players sit too close to the courtside seats. You would know if you thought one of them was stoned and you were that close to them.

Second, you get too many face shots of these guys on TV. People on TV are going to notice, and they will start complaining and making light of it. Third, the officials are going to notice because everyone is in such close quarters. You can only do so much to get the smell off your breath. The officials will know, and the issue will become an issue during the game. Everyone knows that, and the players would not show up high. David Stern did not see the light. He just wanted to be the popular older uncle.