Cam Newton was supposed to meet the media on Thursday, but he did not. No one knew why he didn't come to the presser, and that is about par for the course with this guy. I have a new theory on Newton. I used to think that he was crazy like a fox, but I realize now that he is not that smart or willing to learn. My wife asked me why he could be so stupid when he made those comments about a female reporter. That is when I laid out the case for why Cam Newton is just a flake.

He does not know the offense

If you recall back in the day, he had to have numbers called for plays because he did not understand any of the nuances when he was playing at Auburn.

You might say that that is unfair, but the simple fact is that this. The guy is not wise enough to even learn an offense. You could say that he still won the Heisman and a national title, and I would call him lucky. You can be dumb and lucky. That is an actual thing. You can even get elected President like that.

He has been flaky before

He is a bad loser, and he acts like a child most of the time. The simple fact is that he is not very mature, and his maturity issues keep coming up. He has been taught that the whole world owes him something because he has athletic gifts, but every time things like this happen, it makes me want to watch him less and less. How can you like this guy when he repeatedly shows you that he literally respects nothing.

His team did not even know what was going on, and he made them all look stupid in the process. He is going down the path of LeBron James where he just acts on his own and makes people put up with it because he is so gifted the team has to have him on the field. That is very sad, and it makes him look very pathetic.

The drifter

Did you know that kid in high school who drifted everywhere and always looked like they were up to no good even though you had no idea what? They come in all shapes and sizes. Black and white kids, girls, and boys, young and old. There are so many different types of these people that I do not even know which one Newton is, but it is like he zones out.

That is not only really weird, but it makes him look really strange. Just the way he spoke to that reporter last week is enough to make you wonder what in the heck is going on. I think that he does not even know what is going on, and that makes it very hard for him to make you think that he is in control. He has personality, but he is not all put together like a normal person. He is just a flake, and that is a something that he needs to work on.