Adrian Peterson is going to be fantastic for the Cardinals for the rest of the season because he had one game for Arizona in which he looked fantastic. That is really good for him, and it is good for us because we get to see more good football. Now, I have no idea if he can break the career rushing record in Arizona, but I know that he could hang around for a while because it is clear that Bruce Arians knows what to do with him. That is one of the most important things about this trade. Peterson went to Arizona, and he has been given the perfect offensive coordinator for his skills.

What can we expect going forward from Peterson?

This could last a while

This could last a long time in Arizona because I think that Peterson might be the guy who wants to hang around and play until he cannot anymore. I think that he has a lot to prove, and I think that he knows walking away too soon would be bad for his legacy. We would wall want to know if he could have reached his potential, and that is why he will keep playing. I think that Arizona will work with him on that, and his usage will change every year to match his body. If he were to tear an ACL again, he could not come back in a few months, and the Cardinals know that.

Arizona can win a title with this running back

I do not believe they can win a title this year, but I think that Peterson could be a big part of a title run regardless of who is playing quarterback or catching the ball.

This team could change a few times in the next four to five years, and I think that Peterson is going to be there long enough for something good to happen. This is going to be a good run for him, and we can watch him perhaps break some more records.

Can they win their division?

I think they can win this division now that they have Peterson.

I am not sure if they can make it happen if the Rams continue to be good, but it is a definite possibility. However, I would expect them to come out with two running backs next year with a healthy David Johnson, and I want to see how devastating that offense will be. That is something we should really look forward to. Larry Fitzgerald could retire, they could pick up some other receiver, and they could actually run their offense out of the backfield.

I believe that it is possible that the two running backs in Arizona could really change things. That would also make the team more ready to take on a new quarterback if they have to draft someone or Carson Palmer retires. Peterson could change this franchise.