The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs are by far and away the best teams in the NFL, and they are good enough that you can easily see them going to the Super Bowl. Only the Patriots are in the way of the Chiefs, and only the Falcons are in the way of the Eagles. The Eagles and Chiefs can get there, but what would happen if they actually played in the Super Bowl?

Rookie mistakes

Carson Wentz would probably make some rookie mistakes in the Super Bowl because he cannot help it. He is not exactly a seasoned veteran, and he would do something that might set his team back.

Alex Smith would be a great game manager even if he had a mediocre game, and that would leave the Chiefs ready to have a very big win in the Super Bowl. The defense in Philadelphia is great, and it is just as good in Kansas City. However, it would be hard for the Eagles to get past any mistakes that Wentz made. He might turn out, then, to be like Dan Marino.

Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt would have to have the best game of his life on the biggest stage of his life. He would have to drag the Chiefs to a win just like Terrell Davis did long ago for the Broncos. I am very serious about this because I do not know how the Chiefs would be able to move the ball just by passing. The Eagles can stuff the box with defenders, but Hunt can still run downhill.

If the Chiefs ran downhill on an Eagles team that does not run as much, it would be an early night for the Eagles.

Carson Wentz has the game of his life

Let us assume that Carson Wentz will have the game of his life. If that is the case, that means that he'd have to make all the right decisions and look like a Hall of Famer.

He would have to be better than Donovan McNabb, and that would be a pretty big task for him. He probably is not going to do that, but if he did, we could shortlist him for Canton after the game.

Andy Reid

Andy Reid is the coach who once had the Eagles in the Super Bowl and lost it. It would be the worst kind of pain if he lost to his old team in the Super Bowl, but that could be possible.

There are a lot of people who want to see this game just for the Andy Reid factor since it did not end well in Philly. I would not be surprised if he pulled out all the stops and got the Chiefs backed into a corner. I would be very pleased to see that, and it would feel like vindication for that Super Bowl that I really wanted his Eagles team to win all those years ago. We do not know what will happen, but we know for a fact that these two teams are the favorites to go.