It was just two seasons ago when Cam Newton was crowned the NFL MVP for the first time in his career and competing in his first ever Super Bowl. During that season, Newton led the Panthers to a league best 15-1 record. Carolina was able to win their first two playoff games before reaching the championship. Unfortunately, the Denver Broncos defense was too much for Newton to handle, and Cam could not add a Super Bowl trophy to go with his MVP one.

Despite coming up short of a ring, Newton's numbers that season was tremendous and showed just how lethal he can be when on top of his game.

He threw for 3,387 yards and a career-high 35 touchdown passes. He also threw a career-low in the interception category with just 10 and ran for 636 yards and adding 10 rushing TDs. He made it difficult to not like the player he seemed to be becoming and his laser sharp accuracy was undeniably fun to watch game after game.

The way he carried himself within the media was much improved compared to prior seasons and his teammates fed off his energy and leadership throughout the season. Those qualities are the things Newton lacked last season, just a year after winning the MVP award. The Panthers ended up missing the playoffs and posted a losing record of 6-10. Now, this off-season, Newton has vowed not to ever allow Carolina to have another season like that again.

Newton: The most talented QB in the NFL

Winning the NFL MVP award is something not too many of the greatest players to ever play the game can say they've been able to achieve. NFL history proves that players have to pretty much statistically dominate everyone else. You also have to lead your team to more than the average amount of victories during the regular season and after that, you're expected to at least reach the Super Bowl.

Cam Newton has already done that in just the first six years of his NFL career. Besides being a QB that can pick up huge yards using his feet, Newton has arguably the sharpest arm in the league when Cam is playing at his best. His 6'5 245 lbs frame provides him the ability to run with full force into defenders, which sometimes puts more than the normal wear and tear that a quarterback should be taking.

But still, he has the qualities of the dream QB every coach wishes they could have. His talent and fearless approach to the game at his position is what separates him from the rest of the QBs in the league. If he can have another MVP like season and lead his team back to Super Bowl once again, it will be clear that Newton is the most talented QB in the league without question.

Getting ready for 2017 season

This year, at the end of March, Newton received surgery to repair a partially torn rotator cuff in his throwing shoulder. Coming off a disappointing season where he threw just 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions, Cam is determined to prove to all of his critics he can return to the player he was in 2015 and even better.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera seemed happy this week about the progress of his starting quarterback, according to the "Charlotte Observer."

"Pretty excited about where he is right now," Rivera said. "Again, he's been like this all offseason. He's had a good offseason, considering the fact he couldn't throw. But he worked very hard, very diligently. I'm excited to see him on the field (Wednesday)."