In light of the game developer Visceral Games being shut down by Electronic Arts, it has come to my mind that the era of single-player games is ending. More big game companies are depending on microtransactions, multiplayer gameplay, and mobile gaming due to a large amount of cash they gain from them. This is an alarming issue for many gamers out there who love one player gameplay.

With that insight, I would like to show everyone the best reasons to play such awesome games. Hopefully, these reasons would enlighten other gamers and big game companies to create more single-player games in the future.

Tells the best stories

These types of video games tell the best stories to all gamers out there. Whether it has bad gameplay, low-end graphics, or grating soundtracks, the stories still matter to most gamers. I personally love games that tell different types of stories because they intrigue me with their own lore, characters, locations, and more.

Stories reveal the backstory of the game and all of the other tidbits that some gamers want to learn from. Some players even play these games just to follow certain storylines that its developers and creators tell. And with any type of story series, a lot of gamers want to finish the stories that they have started playing.

Complete packages

Single-player games are usually the most complete video game packages compared to other types like multiplayer.

Multiplayer gameplay usually has DLC expansions to expand its gameplay with other features like new game modes, new equipment, and more. Games that only involve one player mostly are complete in gameplay, story, worlds, and more.

Some new video games have story expansions now, but the main story is all there in one game. These expansions tell another side of the story like the background story of a particular character.

Other times it tells the epilogue of the main gameplay experience.

Most of these games with story expansions can stand on its own without expansion DLC's. These DLC's have shorter stories to tell anyway.

Great for having fun on your own

Games that have only one player gameplay are great for having fun on your own. It keeps you busy with its gameplay if you want to be alone and not interact with other people.

While multiplayer gameplay allows players to communicate with other people, these games will still let you have fun without the hassle of awkward communication with strangers.

These types of games are perfect for introvert gamers who are bad with their communication skills. It is a temporary method of getting away from the strangers of the outside world. It lets them get immersed in a fictional world.

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