Game developer Monolith Productions and game publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have finally announced that their recently paid DLC for “Middle-Earth: Shadow of War” will now become free. This happened due to a major backlash from the gaming community and their game fanbase that complained of taking advantage of this particular DLC.

The game publisher specifically announced that the paid DLC called the Forthog Orc-Slayer content will be some sort of way to honor the game’s departed executive producer Mike Forgey. Due to some miscommunication and bad marketing, it angered the fans.

Forthog Orc-Slayer will now become free DLC

Warner Bros. explained in a statement recently that their upcoming video game’s special character DLC will now be free. After carefully thinking about the recent backlash they received from the fanbase and the gaming community itself, they have concluded to make it available for everyone. They will not charge anyone this time around.

Original plan was to donate all proceeds

Before this big announcement was made, the original plan of the developers and the publishers was to donate all of the proceeds from the DLC’s sale to Forgey’s close family. There was a slight problem with the description of the method of delivery, which was only limited to the United States and a few excluded states.

A discussion from the fans ensued and theorized that the money from the purchases outside the US would go directly to the publisher instead. They were angry that the cash might not even reach the family members of Forgey.

Game publisher apologizes

To make amends to the fans and clarify the situation, the publisher issued a statement to apologize to the fans and the family.

They revealed that this was a result of miscommunication in terms of the deal. It was actually meant to meet the local regulations on charitable donations.

The game company recognized that their method was a bad choice. They said that it was not the best way to give financial support to the late game executive producer.

Warner Bros.

’ new solution now is to donate directly to the Forgey family instead of using the first method. They have also announced that for those who are interested can directly support the family by visiting their you caring site.

New trailer reveals new tribe

In other “Middle-Earth: Shadow of War” related news, the game publisher recently revealed a new trailer for the video game. It revealed the new Warmonger Tribe, which was inspired by the Spartans from ancient Greece. This new tribe actually worships war and they are constantly training for the next battle.

Check out the official "Shadow of War" Warmonger Tribe Trailer here: