Game developer Undead Labs gave details on the Xbox One X enhancements for their upcoming video game sequel: “State Of Decay 2.” They have confirmed that it will have game performance and visual improvements with the console’s celebrated features.

Game publisher Microsoft has revealed the game’s Collector’s edition and its price tag. They gave details on the contents of the package. They have also confirmed a particular feature of this version that many fans were wondering about.

Xbox One X enhancements revealed

State of Decay 2” executive producer Jeff Strain explained the big graphical improvements for their upcoming zombie game sequel.

He said that due to the power of the Xbox One X, the game will have a big difference on it. With its better power on processing and a larger memory compared to the regular Xbox One, the game is able to have better frame rates, and it allowed the developers to improve on the resolution textures that are higher.

Players will be able to see thicker greenery, the depth of light will look better from far distances, shadows and character models are more detailed, and the world will look sharper and vibrant like real life. He also confirmed that the game will be run in 4K and HDR resolutions.

Configurations set by console only

Xbox One X has the capability of allowing its players to choose its own settings for certain games like “Gears of War 4” and “Rise of the Tomb Raider.” Undead Labs has confirmed that “State of Decay 2” will only use the default settings set by the console for now.

They are not offering the option to optimize for graphics or performance since the development team wants all players to have the same experience on Xbox.

Collector’s edition revealed

Microsoft recently revealed the Collector’s edition of “State of Decay 2.” Fans will be able to pre-order this edition from their favorite retailer for only $69.99.

Aside from this, the game has the Standard and Ultimate edition.

The Collector’s edition will include an exclusive Steelbook case, a USB drive with a design of a decomposing thumb, latex zombie mask, an exclusive iron-on patch, and a Steelbook stand that has a design of a human brain. The publisher also confirmed that this will not include the game.

The Standard edition will be priced $29.99, while the Ultimate edition has a price tag of $49.99. Those who will acquire the latter will get some digital content like the Independence and Daybreak DLC packs, a digital Xbox One copy of “State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition,” and early access to the sequel.

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