I was waiting for this. Now three GOP Senators have openly declared that trump should be gone. That is enough to pass a bipartisan vote in the Senate — a resolution telling the House to act on either articles of impeachment or getting the 25th amendment dusted off. I have always maintained that neither of these Constitutional remedies will be needed. Trump is a drama queen and a deal maker. He will walk out and go to one of his resorts and thumb his nose at the phony country that finally said no.

Is the story on the Times front page today indicative?

It is certainly a giant step toward the avalanche that will result with a word from Robert Mueller.

One little word

There is an old hymn called "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" that has a stanza about our ancient foe who seeks to work us woe. His craft and power are said to be great. And armed, the song says, with cruel hate, he has no equal on earth. The conclusion though is that this malevolent foe will be felled by a single word. The good will prevail.

This is not a story about taxes. It is a story about hopes for an avalanche. If we are talking drama, this is the week when things should implode or explode or whatever dramas do when they end. When three big deal Senators have declared Endgame, either the game ends, or Trump wins.

If Trump wins, the failure of the avalanche to occur will be the headline of the week. At least it should be.

Mueller's ball

The silence of Robert Mueller has been deafening. It has proceeded for at least a full seven days. He never speaks but there used to be leaks. These have almost entirely stopped. The speculation is that this signals portending indictments.

I choose to surmise that Mueller is smart enough to pick his moments and that now is his time to pounce.

Trump's race to dictatorship

In more than 70 endgame articles, I have outlined Trump's steady effort to replace democracy with an oligarchic dictatorship. This effort is close to completion. But it depends on his having iron control and three GOP Senators — Flake, McCain, and Corker —have roundly rejected Trump.

This is on top of George W. Bush's rejection of Trump politics in a remarkable statement last week.

Trump has raced to undo the Obama centrist legacy with a flurry of executive orders. He has dutifully followed the most right-wing GOP members in turning almost all courts in the US Scalia-red.

If Trump survives the week, we can look forward to more Mueller. But more and more it will make no difference. Trump will march on, and we will have given up the ghost.