Game developer Bungie recently made tons of announcements about the changes to “Destiny 2.” They promised that they will be more open with their plans for the development of future updates. Two of those significant changes were the adjustments to Eververse and the microtransaction-based store.

The Game Developer also plans to add more masterwork armor, make changes to mods and more, in possible updates in the future. These changes will come to the platforms this video game is available on. They also announced that the servers will be offline soon.

Changes in Eververse

The game developers admitted that Tess and the Eververse shop was a bit unbalanced and it was unfair to other players. They never intended it to be a substitute for end-game content and rewards. To make this right, they have revealed some changes to the game.

Three changes will be made with the Upcoming Seasons, with the first one about shifting the balance of the new content. It will focus more on the activity rewards over Bright Engrams this time around. These rewards will include Ghosts, ships, and Sparrows.

The Bright Engrams will not be exclusive to the Eververse shop anymore. It will be available through gameplay as rewards. Players will also be able to purchase and make adjustments to these items directly.

More changes in the future

With Season 3, more changes will come to “Destiny 2,” but the others will begin in the next seasonal event called the Crimson Days. In this event, players must complete certain milestones in order to get some rewards like a Legendary emote, a new Exotic Sparrow, and a weapon skin. Those who have leveled up during this event will earn a Crimson Engram and an Illuminated Engram.

Additional Masterwork Armor, Mod changes, and more

On Jan. 30, Bungie will be releasing an update that will include the expansion of the Masterwork system for armor. With this new armor, players can get damage reduction when they use their Super ability. They can also re-roll their Masterwork armor stat type with Cores and Shards.

Mods will be updated in the February update. This will be a whole new way of how mods work for all items like armor and weapons. Game director Christopher Barrett explained that they will feature mods with perks that are specific to Raids. They also want to make sure that every major encounter will reward players with a Raid item drop.

Servers will be temporarily offline soon

In other “Destiny 2” related news, Bungie announced that the servers will be offline for around four hours next week. Hotfix will be launched on Jan. 16, which will enable players to play the latest seasonal content.

Check out the "Destiny 2" Expansion I: Curse of Osiris launch trailer here: