Game developer PUBG Corp. recently released a new update for the PC version of “PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.” It included several tweaks, fixes, and new content for players test out. They are also trying to eliminate issues that are caused by outside elements like cheaters and hackers with these updates.

The new contents included in the new Update added free and paid crates with rare chances of getting new items. The developers are currently testing the new crate system by introducing these new crates.

Promise to stop cheaters

The game developers promised that they are committed to making their game fair to play for everyone.

This is the reason why they are looking for methods to reduce and eliminate cheats that make it unfair to others. They are also looking out for the users who are using these cheats and giving them the proper punishment for doing so.

A new method of reporting suspected cheaters was recently added in the current test build. After tests are done, this new method will be added to the main live servers to make it easier for players to report cheaters. They are encouraging the players to make use of the tool when it is implemented in the future.

New crates for new system

PUBG Corp. included two new crates with the new update for the PC version of “PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.” They are currently testing these crates for the new crate system that they have implemented a while ago.

One of the crates will be free to open while the other can only be opened with a key.

Test server users will get 100,000 BP and six Early Bird keys so that they can use the two kinds of crates. When they spend BP for a crate, they will also get one of the four available crates. The game developers made it clear that these bonuses are just for testing the new system and they will not be transferred to live accounts.

Tweaks, additions, and bug fixes

The new update fixed several issues that plagued the previous version of the popular video game. One the bugs caused a Player animation to freeze when he or she re-joined a match after a crash. Another bug that was fixed was the sudden disappearance of the red zone after it formed.

A silly bug that made the crosshair bounce while the replay and death cam were played was also fixed with the new update.

The sudden disappearance of the mouse cursor on a replay map was also fixed.

Xbox One version surpasses three million players

In other “PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds” news, PUBG Corp. was proud to announce that the Xbox One version of the game has surpassed three million players. Despite the numerous problems with lag, bugs, and texture crashes, the game still has a large following of Xbox One gamers.

Check out the "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" Xbox game preview below.