Myles Garrett is coming back for the Cleveland Browns this weekend, and he is going to be an instant impact player for the team this Sunday. The Browns need something that will give them a little bit of hope, and they finally have it now that they are going to have their best young prospect on the field. Garrett is a pass rusher and run stuffer that the team can use on just about every down, and he could make a big statement by playing well this Sunday. Can the Browns start moving in the right direction?

The Browns can start to excel

The Browns have not necessarily excelled at anything this season, but they have been able to stay in a couple games while they got blown out by the Bengals.

This team needs a stabilizing force, and Garrett might be what they need. He can come in on Defense and start making plays in their first series. It would be interesting to see how energized the team is if he can make a statement in his first game, and it is really important that the Browns are helping him succeed by coming up with formations that will make his life easier. Garrett cannot do a thing if he is not able to rush the passer or get in on any tackles.

Hopeful defensive play

Garrett can generate a lot of hope for the Browns that could be used to make sure that the offense feels more confident when they get back on the field. Shortening possessions for the opposing team will give the Browns more chances to score, and they could win their first game with a really inspired defensive performance.

The face of the franchise

Garrett is the face of the franchise whether the fans like it or not. The team needs to have someone that they can stand behind, and that is what they will get when Garrett is on the field. He will give the Browns a chance to have a very good first game with him on the field, and he will show the fans that the defense looks fundamentally different when he is playing.

He will give the fans reason to cheer because they can see that he is clearly better than the opposition, and we should be aware of the fact that the Browns are going to be in the middle of a rebuild when he has this amazing game. He might not seem like the sort of person who is going to set the game on fire, but he could. That is something that Browns fans can take home with them when they leave.

The Browns have waited a long time for a defensive player like this, and they will find out quickly if they have made the right draft choice for the future or set themselves back.