The San Francisco 49ers are 0-6, and they have not been too far from victory. They keep losing by very low numbers, but they still are not winning. Does it really matter if the 49ers are losing when they simply have to get more Draft Picks and convince Kirk Cousins to come play with Kyle Shanahan? They have all the pieces in place to make this team great for many years, and we seem to be forgetting a time when the Cowboys were 1-15. We want all the teams to win right now, but the 49ers are going to replicate what happened when they fixed the team the last time way back in 1979.

Kirk Cousins

This team cannot do a thing without Kirk Cousins or some other quarterback that they have handpicked to work with their offense. They need to have someone who can help them score, and they need to find that person at the end of the season. They might have it if CJ Beathard turns out to be great, but it is more likely that they have to go out and get someone who will be the face of the franchise. Yes, they have to find a new Joe Montana so that they can move forward. That is normal because we expect all teams to get a passer who will be the face of the brand.

They are patient

This team has shown time and again that they are patient because they want to draft and do things right. Their front office is near perfect, and they will wait to find the right person to handle the ball on every offensive play.

They will keep drafting in the defense, and they will make sure that they have found all the right people to play for the team right now. I think that they can be patient and just eat the losses because they clearly have no chance right now. The Rams are better than them, and the Cardinals are better. The Seahawks are the class of the division, and that is why the 49ers need to just wait.

What are they going to accomplish if they try to fix it right now or complain about losses?

The Cowboys

The Cowboys were 1-15 with Jimmy Johnson, then they won three Super Bowls in a few years. The Cowboys changed how we grade players for the draft, and they were the best team of their era. They succeed so bad that first year that everyone was killing Jimmy Johnson for being a bust after leaving Miami to come to Dallas.

If you were not alive then, you do not know how much heat he was taking for being so awful. He deserved it, but the Cowboys stayed the course. Now you watch Troy Aikman on Sundays and swoon over him. That guy went 1-15 once.

The 49ers need patience, and we need to watch them build a winner.