Donald Trump has shown himself to be a skillful master of distraction. As soon as Americans begin closing in on certain issues, he redirects the attention towards another direction. His approval rating is declining, and impeachment is looming, yet Number 45 continues to play mind games. His base is elated, but smart U.S. citizens see right through it all. His latest approach is to challenge Hillary Clinton to run against him in the 2002 election. The POTUS may be on his way out of his current office, but he wants people to place their focus on a future situation that most likely will never come to pass.

The Donald is obsessed with Hilary

The current commander in chief seems to have not gotten over the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 2016. He won the election and is now the president, yet he obviously is obsessed with finding a way to one-up his former opponent. The Donald continues to refer to her as "Crooked Hilary" and just cannot seem to go for long without mentioning her name.

This nation is in upheaval with racial tensions at an all-time high and the U.S.citizens drinking contaminated water in Puerto Rico. The president should be doing all he can to deal with these situations, yet he continues to be obsessed with Hilary Clinton. His tweet says someone asked him if she were going to run in 2020, but number 45 could have made it up.

Number 45 needs his focus on the here and now

Donald Trump needs to be focused on the here and now because his tenure in the White House is in jeopardy. Democrats, as well as some in his own party, are trying diligently to have him declared unfit for office, and get him impeached. He ignores this and continues to travel and hold rallies in states that supported him.

Those in his base cheer as he continuously addresses the 2020 campaign, rather than deal with the issues that are currently at hand.

Number 45 does not need to worry about 2020 when he may not make it through 2017, but this is who he is and what he does. Hillary Clinton has said nothing about running again for the office of president, it is Donald Trump who just cannot leave well enough alone.

This is just more indication that he is not fit for the office he as voted into and should be removed as soon as possible. Even Steve Bannon believes this president's days are numbered. For the sake of the nation, many Americans hope they are. And if he is impeached, he probably will never stop talking about his former 2016 opponent.