Martavis Bryant has requested a Trade from the Steelers because he does not like the target distribution, but he will probably not be given what he wants. This guy is the definition of someone who does not get it at all. We all lauded him for being great, and we thought that he could be fantastic this season, but he is going to look like a crybaby when he asks for this trade and inevitably has a breakdown because he is so emotionally immature that he cannot enjoy playing for a good team. It must be so hard for him to be rich, on a good team, and physically gifted.

I cannot even imagine what he will do with himself.

He has gifts

Bryant is an extremely gifted person, but he is a fool who just came back from a long suspension for drug use, and now he is going to immediately ask for a trade when the Steelers stood by him all this time? I find it hard to believe that someone could be that ungrateful. I mean, if you look at Bryant, he always looks like he is upset with the way that someone looked at him, and I cannot imagine how he is going to survive with any other team that is not as good as the Steelers. Unstable teams will fall apart because of Bryant, and those teams will not be able to use him enough to make him happy. Look at the long list of wide receiver divas who do not survive in the NFL, and you can add Bryant to that list if he ever gets traded.

It could not improve

The problem with a guy like this is that he does not understand real life well enough to know that there are other people around him. For example, he does not understand that the people who are calling the plays have wives and kids they have to look after. They cannot have a sobbing manchild crying to them about targets because they are probably missing a dance recital just to travel for a game.

All Bryant thinks about is himself, and he has not noticed that the Steelers are a very good franchise to play for. He only wants what is best for him, and he literally does not even know the recent history of the NFL. If he were to allow his teammates to rally around him, he might be a little bit happier. Instead, he is happy to act like he needs to be looking for a fight.

Dude, you are a millionaire. Stop it.

Trade him to the Browns

I would have traded him to the Browns, and I would have done it happily. I would have considered the Dolphins, or maybe he would have liked the Chargers? This guy needs to be taught a lesson about loyalty by being shipped to a franchise that does not even care about him.